Schedule Monday November 23-Sunday November 29

Mon Nov 23 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Tues Nov 24 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Wed Nov 25 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Thurs Nov 26 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Fri Nov 27 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Sat Nov 28 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION
Sun Nov 29 9am-11pm ANY LOCATION

Name: Harley
Age: 33
Height: 5’1
Body Type: Chunky Monkey, Large & In Charge, Pleasantly Plump..etc etc 😛
Hair Colour: Red, Dyed
Eye Colour: Blue
Bust Size: B38 Natural
Nationality: Norwegian/Canadian/Scottish/Irish/Mutt
Languages Spoken: English
Smoker: Yes
Piercings: No
Tattoos: Yes, 1 Large, 1 Medium, 5 Small
Clientele: Men, Women, Couples, Other
Duos?: No
Duo Partner(s): N/A
Fetish/Domination?: No
Twitter: @HarleyQuinnxox3

About Me: I’m geek supreme, a massage machine, the best darn hands that you’ve ever felt and seen 😉
I’m a huge dork if you haven’t already noticed, the kind of dork that likes Star Trek & Star Wars, DC & Marvel, Jason & Freddy. Shall I go on? 😋
I’m a little socially awkward but warm up fast depending on our chemistry. Great conversationalist. Animal lover. Love to travel, wish I did more of it.


Phone:  (613) 697-4829


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All attendants are 18+

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