Schedule Nov 11-17

Sun Nov 17 9am-11pm ALO ORLEANS

Schedule Nov 18-24

Mon Nov 18 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Tues Nov 19 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Wed Nov 20 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Thurs Nov 21 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Fri Nov 22 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Sat Nov 23 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations
Sun Nov 24 9am-11pm by appt Multiple Locations

Name: Harley
Age: 32
Height: 5’1
Body Type: Chunky Monkey, Large & In Charge, Pleasantly Plump..etc etc 😛
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Bust Size: B38 Natural
Nationality: Norwegian/Canadian/Scottish/Irish/Mutt
Languages Spoken: English
Smoker: Yes
Piercings: No
Tattoos: Yes, 1 Large, 1 Medium, 5 Small
Clientele: Men, Women, Couples, Other
Duos?: No
Duo Partner(s): N/A
Fetish/Domination?: Ask
Twitter: @HarleyQuinnxox3

About Me: Manager extraordinaire 😛 I’m only taking clients by request at any location. Just contact me and ask.
I’m geek supreme, a massage machine, the best darn hands that you’ve ever felt and seen 😉
My likes are as follow: Star Wars, Star Trek, Anything by Joss Whedon, Video games (mostly racing and horror games), cosplay, hiking through nature, garage sales, flea markets, receiving massages, animals, rain in the summer, traveling, easy going people, respectful people, and good food.
Dislikes are as follows: Bad hygiene, people with no common sense, misogynists, people that don’t listen, low ballers, conceded people, feet, lazy people, spiders and other equally creepy bugs, winter, cilantro, spicy food, and tequila.




Phone:  (613) 697-4829


Owned & operated by Alexandria

All attendants are 18+

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