Schedule Monday November 28th-Sunday December 4th


Name: Dante
Age: Early 40’s
Height: 5’8″
Body Type: Athletic
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green/blue
Nationality: Canadian
Languages Spoken: English
Smoker: No
Piercings: No
Tattoos: No
Clientele: Women, W/W or W/M couples
Duos?: Yes
Duo Partner(s): Lany
Fetish/Domination?: No
Twitter: @decadentdante2

About Me:

You already know the unique and unconventional woman you are.

And this confident, fit gentleman knows how to melt away your usual day, and how to release the best in You.

My expert touch is warm, fluid… firm and energizing, yet gentle and relaxing. Responsive, instinctive and intuitive.

Your desire for satisfaction is elevated, and demands a new, deeper level of fulfillment.

I am respectfully at your service.



Phone:  (613) 697-4829


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All attendants are 18+

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