Alex B. Symone

Schedule Monday March 1st-Sunday March 7th

Mon Mar 1 11am-7pm SOUTH
Tues Mar 2 11am-7pm SOUTH
Wed Mar 3 11am-7pm SOUTH
Thurs Mar 4 11am-7pm SOUTH
Fri Mar 5 11am-7pm SOUTH
Sat Mar 6 11am-7pm SOUTH

Name: Alex B. Symone
Age: Elder Millennial
Height: 5’3
Body Type: Busty BBW
Hair Colour: Chestnut
Eye Colour: Brown
Bust Size: 38H (Big soft natural)
Nationality: Canadian (First nations & Nigerian)
Languages Spoken: English
Piercings: Yes
Tattoos: Yes
Clientele: Men
Duos?: No
Duo Partner(s): N/A
Fetish/Domination?: Yes. Top Dominate | Well experienced | I do not switch
About Me: Tranquil eccentric meets urban sophisticate poured into a fabulous full figure, finished with striking feline facial features, hypnotic bedroom eyes and a warm genuine personality. With a warm demeanour, open mind and a genuine lust for life, love and adventure, our time together will leave us both with titillating memories that are sure to stay with us for a lifetime.
A nostalgic at heart I am absolutely weak to brilliant intellectuals, hopeless romantics and chivalrous Gentlemen that crave the raw satisfaction that can only be found in the lost art of courting someone new. Relaxing in one another’s company while we allow our natural chemistry to ignite. So enamoured by one another, the rest of the world simply melts away the moment we meet.
I look forward to us savouring our time together.
Alex B. Symone


Phone:  (613) 697-4829


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All attendants are 18+

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